The partners of Strategic Resource Ventures, LLC (SRV, LLC) have created a focused and committed vehicle to participate in the significant asset recovery and heavy construction process in both the private and public sectors.

There are various unprecedented opportunities in North American reclamation due to overarching economic, regulatory and policy trends.

Rustbelt cities are "right-sizing" in part, by tearing down abandoned factories and other sites;

Environmental regulations and tax policies have lead to significant renewables construction and the current era of "cheap", plentiful natural gas has resulted in old, uneconomic thermal plants (largely coal) being decommissioned.

Until now, there has been no single company equipped with the necessary skills, contacts, and access to financing required to systematically capitalize on these emerging opportunities for decommissioning and reclamation.

Strategic Resource Ventures, LLC, is uniquely positioned to be the pre-eminent player in this emerging, fast growth space given:

  • The depth and breadth of its operating and financial/advisory management team;
  • Its North America-wide platform;
  • Relationships with asset owners;
  • Expertise and the network to monetize scrap metal in the global market;
  • Capital raising, Capital creation relationships
  • A well defined "project oriented" model that will maximize return and minimize risk to asset owners.

Our "turn-key" approach offers our clients:

  • Identify entities within the energy sector and industrial markets whose assets are either no longer EPA compliant or  beyond their useful life
  • Expert audit of facilities to determine scope of demolition, environmental remediation sale of equipment and quantity of monetizable ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Offer environmental risk transfer insurance policies
  • Provide Owner with a fixed price contract with highly qualified national demolition and environmental abatement companies who guarantee completion of work with A-Rated Performance and Payment Bonds
  • Complete Environmental Abatement prior to removal of metal assets
  • Execute contracts with top tier purchases of ferrous and non-ferrous metals at a fixed price
  • Engage a third-party environmental consultant to ensure that environmental remediation meets required standards

                                                                       PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND RELATED SERVICES

SRV, along with our Native American Partners, has entered into a strategic partnership with one of the largest property management, maintenance, security and janitorial services in North America

Services offered include:

  • Specialized service, hospital, laboratory and emergency room cleaning
  • Janitorial supplies, performance grade "green" supplies and chemicals
  • Commercial and industrial office cleaning
  • Fire, flood and disaster recovery cleanups
  • Armed and non armed security guards
  • Facility maintenance
  • General construction cleanup 

CTC Demolition Company

Excellence is a Habit

Eastern Janitorial Services

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