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On the Edge of Tomorrow

The Arctic has been our homeland for thousands of years, and its waters continue to sustain our people and way of life. Today, the region holds new promise, and Bering Straits Native Corporation has the vision, values and resources to develop it in a way that will benefit our people, Alaska, and the world for generations to come.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our people through economic development while protecting our land and preserving our culture and heritage. BSNC is committed to preserving the values that have sustained our way of life for thousands of years. This is reflected in our mission and values. BSNC’s Code of Business Ethics and Compliance was recently approved by our Board of Directors and is founded on our commitment, mission and values to ensure that that our directors, officers, employees and agents understand, follow and promote our adherence to the highest ethical principles and standards in all our corporate and business affairs.